Keithley 4200-SCS Seminconductor Characterization System


Features of the Keithley 4200 system include:
Intuitive, point-and-click Windows®-based environment
Unique Remote PreAmps extend the resolution of SMUs to 0.1fA
C-V instrument makes C-V measurements as easy as DC I-V
Pulse and pulse I-V capabilities for advanced semiconductor testing
Scope card provides integrated scope and pulse measure functionality
Self-contained PC provides fast test setup, powerful data analysis, graphing and printing, and on-board mass storage of test results
Unique browser-style Project Navigator organizes tests by device type, allows access to multiple tests, and provides test sequencing and looping control
Built-in stress/measure, looping, and data analysis for point-and-click reliability testing, including five JEDEC compliant sample tests
Integrated support for a variety of LCR meters, Keithley switch matrix configurations, and both Keithley Series 3400 and Agilent 81110a pulse generators
Includes software drivers for leading analytical probers