CPI / Communication & Power Industries VZK-6901J1 TWT Amplifier, 40W, 26.5 GHz


ultra wide-band
automatic fault recycle
user friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated RS-422/485 computer interface
IEEE interface and other options available
automatic sequencing of voltages and filament time delay
meets International Safety Standard EN-61010
electromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC to satisfy worldwide requirements
universal input voltage range
frequency:  18.0 to 26.5 GHz
Output Power:
TWT:  40W min
Flange: 39W min
Bandwidth: 8.5 GHz, instantaneous
Gain at rated power: 46 dB min
Gain Control Range: 20 dB min
Gain Variation at 6 dB backoff:   ±5 dB over 8.5 GHz, typical
Gain Stability:  ±0.25 dB/24 hour max at constant drive and temperature (after 1 hour warm up period)
Input VSWR:  1.7:1 typical; 2.4:1 max 1.35:1 typical; 1.5:1 max, (with optional input isolator)
Output VSWR:  2.0:1 typical; 2.7:1 max
Load VSWR: 2.0:1 max; no degradation, infinite VSWR without damage
Phase Noise:
1.0 to 350 MHz:  -120 dBc/Hz max
Below 1.0 MHz:  -6 dB below IESS 308
(-21 dB typical)
Spurious:  -50 dBc
Noise Power Out:  +23 dBm max total
Primary Power: 100 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz, single phase
Power Consumption:  700 VA typical; 1200 VA max
Power Factor:  .95 min
Cooling:  Forced air
RF Connectors:
Input and Output:  WR-42 waveguide flange
RF Output Monitor:  Type K female